Funeral Cost

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience. It leaves the family emotionally and sometimes financially drained. However, by thinking ahead and planning for the future, you can reduce the emotional and the financial burden.

NIFC can help you start planning for a funeral

NIFC will cushion you against sudden financial hardship. We can help you financially prepare for the loss of a loved one. You will pay a set amount of money over a period of time, until the total payable amount has been achieved. At this stage, no further instalments will be taken.

NIFC will help eliminate stress for the grieving family. When the time comes, we will organise the funeral on your behalf with a nationally recognised funeral director. At this stage you will not have to pay anything. All funeral costs will be fully covered using the money you have already paid.


You can either make monthly payments or pay up-front in full. The total amount you pay remains the same regardless of the method of payment.

Monthly payments start at £12.50. That’s about £3.00 a week, or the cost of buying a cup of coffee.

If you decide to pay monthly, your age group will determine how much you pay in each instalment. Please refer to the table below.

Age Monthly InstalmentAnnual CostTotal CostInstalment Duration
18 – 40 Yrs.£12.50£150.00£4,500.00Until paid in full (~30 Yrs.)
40 – 60 Yrs.£19.00£228.00£4,500.00Until paid in full
(~20 Yrs.)
60+ Yrs.£37.00£444.00£4,500.00Until paid in full
(~10 Yrs.)
18-39 Years
  • Per Month
40-59 Years
  • Per Month
60+ Years
  • Per Month

We, at NIFC will liaise with the funeral directors to ensure everything is organised smoothly. Giving the grieving family the time to focus on Allah (swt) and asking for Magfarat for the deceased.

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